Thursday, December 5, 2013

Productivity is dead...

...or at least it seems like it when you come back from Thanksgiving break with only 10 days until the semester is over and you can sit back and enjoy the holidays.
{that is an unfortunately long sentence}

That's right, folks.  I have 10 days until I go home for Christmas for a whole month practically.  I don't even know.  It might be 6 now.  I'm too tired too count.  From what you ask? I don't even know.  College, y'all.

But anyways, back to the point. (I don't really know if there is a point...maybe I'll get there) 

Feeling artsy after my friend Brooke showed me this app called Rhonna!

Thanksgiving, otherwise known as the most over-looked and slighted holiday in modern day American culture, has come and gone.  If you did what my family did, then you went around the table at some point and said what you were thankful for which was most likely your family *cue sweet smile complete with a slight head tilt*. Precious.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, because there absolutely isn't and there are certain little ones in my family who have several concepts to grasp about family and love and giving.

So I'm about to go in two different directions with this because I found my point(s).

1.  There are so many things that my family has been striving to teach my three younger siblings since we adopted them from China.  Things like culture and social cues.  Things that most children just internalize from watching their parents as they grow up, but hey, that only happens if you have parents.  Most 8 year old boys would not run into a men's restroom and walk up to a man who is using the bathroom and ask "WHATCHA DOING?", but most 8 year old boys were born into loving families {this by the way is one of those moments where when you hear it at the table from the men's restroom you can't help but laugh and be horrified at the same time}. My point is, when you are an orphan, this is what happens and your (if you're lucky) adoptive family has to be patient and teach you the things you should already know.  So I sat at the table and listened to my parents teaching my siblings about thankfulness and gift giving, watching them being incredibly kind and patient, repeating until they understood (probably still repeating on the whole you-don't-just-get-on-Christmas-you-give-too thing).
     Are we not the same? God has adopted us into his family and patiently teaches us what it means to be a part of his family.  Repeating and repeating.  Constantly teaching us despite our regressions and failures.  It's not wholly about the end product but the journey.  Sanctification is a process.

2. So the list of thankful things at our table (that is the things we are thankful for) consisted of family, food and family (Harrison's the deep one in the family), turkey (Micah Jude is definitely the runner up after Harrison), Jesus, more family, and the art teacher.  Alright.  That's a solid list. I'm definitely not complaining.  But there was something my mom said rather matter-of-factly later on that week that you are going to be like "seriously Waverly, you're going to go there" but yes.  I'm going there because YES SERIOUSLY.  My mother said "hey! Most people don't even have running water, stop complaining about having to share a sink!" At the time I was like "yeah! Deal with my stuff all over your sink!" (internally, of course) but if you really think about the things left unsaid at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, you will realize that your life is probably not really "FML" worthy.  Even if there is a ton of stuff going on in your life, you can still find joy in the things that you do have and the daily gifts God gives to you.  For example, life.  If you're reading this right now, you have that.  There is a definite difference between joy and happiness, you just have to find it.  I encourage you to pray for it. This isn't something you have to do on your own.

So now that I have made a coherent point and adequately acknowledged Thanksgiving, we can move on to CHRISTMASSSSS!!! Which is the best, obviously.   Enjoy this time with your families and be thankful for the holiday season! And for goodness sake, do not let it stress you out.  If Noah were co-writing this with me he would probably say, "If it's stressing you out, you should just stop." This is not really practical advice for things like studying for finals or things that you have to do to succeed in life, but Christmas time should not stress you out.  So don't let it.  You have the power, people.

Speaking of finals, for all those in the midst:

This is on our fridge now.  Ha.  Surprise, roommates!

So before I end this awkwardly {because I'm drawing a blank on normal ways and this really needs to get posted like yesterday} you should swing on by to my sweet soul sisters, Haley and Brooke's blog! They are so awesome, and also blog newbies like me! For real though I love them and I know you will too!

Peace out, girl scouts!

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  1. Waves, I love this and how who you are just flows out of you!! And thanks for the shout out ;) you're the sweetest!!