Sunday, November 17, 2013

That awkward moment when... realize God must have a sense of humor because there is no way your life would have turned out this way if you were in charge...

Don't get me wrong, if I were in charge, it would all be a giant mess.

In my recent and not so recent past, there were 3 types of people that I would make fun of:

1. People who are Alabama fans, students, alumni, etc.
            ha. rednecks

Oh look! It's me and my friend Ali at an Alabama game, because we are students and fans, because Alabama is awesome y'all! Roll Tide. 

2.  People who date guys who are younger than them
      guys younger than me are SO immature...I only date older guys


Oh wait.  I'm guilty of that one too. 

3. People who like to hang out with their family. family is SO lameee...


Y'all, that's just dumb...people who know your weirdness and still love you ARE NOT lame. 

4. Also apparently I told my mother a long time ago that only lesbians wear Dr. Martens. 


Let me introduce you to my favorite pair of shoes...

So while you sit here and digest what I have just told you about my old self, I'm going to tell you a story.

When I was in eighth grade, I had this really awesome and slightly scary history teacher.  At the end of the year, he gave our class some of the best advice that I have ever gotten, to this day.  He said it about high school, but I believe that it applies to all stages of life.  
Before you get to high school you need to decide who you are going to be and what you are going to stand for, because if you don't, some else will decide for you.  
wow.  At thirteen I didn't really know what to do with that.  For the rest of the week, I was constantly asking myself who I wanted to be and what I stood for.  Finally I realized that up to this point there were two things that I was doing that I didn't want to be doing anymore. The first was that I was people pleasing way too much. I liked the things that I liked and acted the way that I did because I wanted to be liked by the people I was around and I didn't want to do that anymore.  So my number one thing was to stay true to myself whether people liked it or not.  The second thing was that a lot of the time my mind was focused solely on guys and I was finding my worth in their approval.  So my number two thing was that I was going to take a break from guys.  My rule was no dating in high school.

After I decided those two things, I lost like all but two (maybe just one) of my friends, and it was much easier to concentrate on things other than boys.  It was awesome.  I continued throughout high school that way, just enjoying getting to hang out with all of my friends and just be myself.

Fast forward to fall of my senior year.  I have two of the best guy friends (Mike and Noah)
Harrison, me, Mike, and Noah. 
in the entire universe, who'd do anything for me and I'd do anything for them (except for something like making meth or killing people). Homecoming is one weekend away and my family, minus me, is about to go to China to get two of my brothers.  So the weekend before homecoming, Noah asks me to go with him in this embarrassingly elaborate display in my driveway.  So I frantically find a dress that day and we go to the dance and it was so much fun.  The weekend after, Noah invited me to go to church with him because my family wasn't here. I told him that'd be great, but that I would drive because I wanted to still go to my small group at my church. He told me that he would ride with me.  So I pick him up that morning and the conversation goes something like this:

*silence for a really long time because I haven't finished my coffee and he knows better*
Noah: Waves?
Me: yeah.
Noah: I like you.
Me: mmmhmmm. I like you too?
Noah: *facepalm* no...Waverly...that's not what I meant.
Me: oh. OH. OHHH.

I don't really know what happened after that and I don't remember what that sermon was about, but I do know that I told him that I just thought of him as a friend.  He took it with grace.  He told me that I would always be one of his best friends and that he wouldn't let it be awkward and that's exactly how it was for a long time.

Fast forward again to late May.  After a great internal struggle and many conversations with Mike, I had this conversation with Noah on my way home from work.

Noah: Hello?
Me: Hey what's up?
Noah: Nothing much just took a nap.
Me: How was your day?
Noah: Uhhhh. Good I guess.
Me: Alright well it was good talking to y-
Noah: Are you really going to hang up before you tell me that you like me? Come on, Waves.

Seriously Mike?! Way to spill my secrets.  So yeah that happened.  After a couple of weeks of very long phone conversations, my basement getting flooded, and him debating on whether he really wanted to punish me for putting him the friend zone, we were coming home from Mike's championship lacrosse game and we had this conversation.

Noah: Waves, we should go on a date.
Me: are you asking, or..?
Noah: Waverly, will you go on a date with me?

So less than a week before graduation we started dating. Fast forward 6 months to...OH WAIT! That's today! Haha.  Long story short, Happy 6 months of putting up with me (his words not mine!).  It's been so much fun and I hope we have many more.  My only prayer is that God's will be done not only in our individual lives, but in our relationship.

Enjoy these pictures and just know this happens every time I try to get a decent picture with him.


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